U12 Rangers earn a point

Posted: November 7th, 2010 by Fergus

Risborough Colts    2

Penn Rangers   2

Kane Bradding
Zachary Gladman

Penn Rangers travelled to the newly formed, second place in the league, Risborough Colts this morning. The game started and both teams had their fair share of chances. Ben took control of the left flank, supported by Luke, Zach and Kane in the middle.

Frank too took a dominant role out on the right with several good crosses into our opponent’s danger area. 20 minutes in a Risborough took at opportunity in front of goal, slotting the ball past Jack and into the back of the net. 1-0 to Risborough Colts. Penn, with a real righting spirit, came back with a great strike from Kane to make it 1-1. Then half way through the second half and following yet another goal mouth scramble, the ball came out to Zack who took a right foot shot, passed their keeper and it was 1-2 to Penn Rangers. With Literally minutes to go and a first win for our team in sight Riborough found a gap in the middle of our defence and the resulting one verses one with Jack ended up with a second goal for the home side and the game finished 2-2.

Penn Ranger plenty of chances. Luke had two or three great long ball attempts from the 18 yard box. Harry and Ryan stopped many of the opposition’s forward play. Helping Zach, Kane, Ben, Luke and Frank play further up field and on several occasions catching Risborough on the counter attack. Jack was very vocal in goal and made some confident saves both in the air and at low level. Even our short corners paid dividends today. It was good to see Adam Gibbs back in the squad and along with Matthew, Adam Coles and Man of the Match – Alex McEwan, our defence looked much stronger. We tackled hard and played with passion and at a good pace throughout the hour. A great game of football to watch and some really exciting skills right across the pitch as well.

To put today’s game into perspective this is the first point we have obtained this season. We said it would be interesting to see how we faired against other teams of a similar ability and today proved that we can go on the score many more goals and win a lot more matches. A really big well done to all those involved. Congratulations to all the players and thank you to all the supporters who cheered from the sidelines on such a cold morning.