We want to provide the best possible opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to play and enjoy football and to reach their maximum potential.

We will build on our proud heritage and endeavour to serve the interests of Penn, Tylers Green and the surrounding communities.

We aim to provide continuous development opportunities for all of our players, coaches and volunteers; we will develop a football culture and football grounds and facilities for all of our members based on best practice, safety, good health and respect for other people and the environment.


Penn & Tylers Green Football Club will continue its firm tradition of providing totally non-professional football, for players and spectators, at all levels, age-groups, and for both sexes.

We will endeavour to provide an environment within which a first team can achieve success and can progress into the highest possible league and cup competitions.

Our belief is that senior players of the highest calibre are attracted to play for clubs for a number of reasons. We cannot ignore that high on the list of these reasons, is the standard of the playing surface available. It is this fact that will drive us towards our prime objective of providing a level pitch with an excellent playing surface.


1) Name

The name of the club shall be Penn and Tylers Green Football Club.

The following Clubs will also be bound by the same Constitution and Rules

Penn and Tylers Green Youth

Penn & Tylers Green Juniors

Penn & Tylers Green Ladies

Penn & Tylers Green Rangers FC

Hereafter the above clubs are referred to collectively as the Club

The Club shall have the status of an affiliated member of the football association by virtue of its affiliation to The Football Association. The Rules and Regulations of the Football Association Limited and parent county associations and any league or competition to which the Club is affiliated for the time being, shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Club Rules.

2) Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be

  1. To encourage the playing of football at all levels in accordance with the rules of the Football Association
  2. To provide facilities in conjunction with the above game and to work towards engendering a community spirit towards the village

3) Committee

The Club, and its affairs, shall be conducted by a Management Committee. The Committee shall number a maximum of 12 members (seven to form a quorum). The Committee shall consist of 5 members from U9’s to U16’s football, 1 from the girls’ and ladies section and, 5 from the Youth to 1st team levels, plus a Chairman. The Officers shall be elected at the AGM and be eligible for re-election each year. The Management Committee shall include the following Club Officers: Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and Club Welfare Officer. One person may hold no more than two positions of Club Officer at any time.

4)   Responsibilities

The Management Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. all administration required for the running of the Club and its Football Teams. These include responsibility for Secretarial, Registration, Membership, and Treasury
  2. the maintenance of all playing areas
  3. the appointment of a Director of Football (DOF) ~ see Appendix One. The DOF will be responsible for all of the playing aspects of the club, including the appointment of the team managers. The DOF will be responsible to the Management Committee. The DOF will remain in position until either resignation or termination of appointment by the Management Committee. Neither the DOF nor the Senior Team Managers will hold a Management Committee post (unless, in the case of the Director of Football it is first approved by the Management Committee). The Management Committee shall not be obliged to appoint a DOF and where no DOF has been appointed the powers and responsibilities, including those set out in Appendix One, that would lie with the DOF shall devolve to the Management Committee; and
  4. the periodic review and adherence to the Club’s Welfare and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti- Discrimination Policy
  5. the coordination of the Club’s Volunteers and for Schools Liaison
  6. Ensuring that, at all times, the Club has in place appropriate Public Liability Insurance in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Football Association from time to time.

5)   Meetings

The Management Committee shall meet each month or as necessary to administer the affairs of the Club.

6)   Vacancies

The Management Committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies from Club members. Such co-opted members to have full voting rights.

7)   Sports and Social Club

The Management Committee shall nominate, from its members, four persons along with the Chairman to serve on The Sports and Social Club Committee, who shall serve for one year and be eligible for re-election.

8)   Trustees

The Trustees appointed by the Club shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the Title Deeds of the Club’s land and buildings and shall not sell, mortgage, or dispose of the said Title Deeds excepting by the direction of the Management Committee.


1) Membership

  1. A candidate for full membership shall make application to the Senior Management Committee by completing the appropriate form, which must be forwarded to the Membership Secretary together with the Membership Subscription Fee and/or Annual Subscription Fee as appropriate.
  2. A candidate will not be admitted to any membership until at least forty eight hours have elapsed, during which time they will be treated as a visitor should they wish to use the facilities of The Sports and Social Club
  3. Candidates for membership shall not be elected until a simple majority of the sitting Management Committee vote in favour. Should a candidate fail to be elected, no further membership application shall be considered until a period of six months has elapsed. If elected then the candidate name shall be entered in the Membership Register.
  4. In the event of the resignation or expulsion of a member, his or her name shall be removed from the Membership Register.
  5. The Football Association and Parent County Association shall be given access to the membership Register upon reasonable request.
  6. The Club and its members will abide by the Club’s Child protection Policies and Procedures, its Code of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti – Discrimination Policy.

2) Alteration to Rules

No alteration to these rules shall be made except by a proposal carried at the Annual General Meeting or an EGM with a majority of at least two thirds of the members present in favour of any such resolution.

Any proposal for a change of rules and nominations for Committee Members must be made in writing with the name of a proposer and seconder to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the date of the AGM or EGM. The Management Committee may make proposals 14 days prior to the AGM or EGM.

If there are no proposals for the Committee Members, nominations can be made at the AGM or EGM

3)  Membership Voting Qualification

All fully paid up members, team managers, Life Vice-Presidents, and committee members, as specified at the AGM or EGM , except those under the age of eighteen, are entitled to vote.

4)   Fees

The Membership Subscription Fee is an annual fee to join the Football Club, a percentage of which shall be payable to The Sports and Social Club. The annual subscription shall be payable on the 30th day of September each year.

The amount of the fees to be agreed at the AGM.

5) Resignation of Members

A member may at any time resign membership by notifying the Membership Secretary in writing.

6) The Welfare of The Club

  1. The Management Committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member whose conduct in their opinion renders them unfit for membership
  2. The Management Committee shall be empowered to refuse admission or remove any member’s guest who causes a disturbance or behaves in any way detrimental to the Club

7) Life Vice President

The Management Committee shall have the powers to elect as Life Vice-President for life such persons who in their opinion have rendered exceptional service to the Club, provided that their total number does not exceed thirty, and no more than six are elected in any one year.

8. Vice President

The Management Committee shall have powers to elect as Vice-President for one year, such persons who in their opinion have rendered exceptional service to the Club. The position of Vice-President does not grant voting rights at any club meeting

9) List of Members

A list of members and their addresses shall be kept on the Club premises. All members shall be issued with a membership card and must produce it on demand by any Management Committee member. Any member failing to comply may be requested to leave the club premises

10) Responsibility for Visitors

Members introducing a guest will be responsible for the behaviour of such guest whilst on the club premises. A member who has been suspended from the club shall not be eligible to use the club as a guest.

11) Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in June for the following purposes:

  1. To receive the reports from the Officers of the Club over the previous year
  2. To receive a written statement of the Club’s finances over the previous year ended 31st May
  3. To elect or re-elect the following officers of the Club:- President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Life Members
  4. To discuss any further business

Only members fully paid up 1 month prior to the date of the AGM, or extra ordinary G.M. shall be entitled to vote. A quorum for an Annual General Meeting shall be deemed to be 15 fully paid up members.

12) Convening a General Meeting

At least fourteen days before the AGM or any extra ordinary General Meeting a notice of such meeting and of the business to be transacted thereat shall be posted in the Clubhouse

13) Extra Ordinary General Meeting

Extra ordinary meetings may be called by the Management Committee, or by 20 members having common cause. Such members calling extra ordinary meetings shall advise the Secretary 21 days prior to the meeting. The Secretary will post notices advising members of such meeting fourteen days prior. A quorum of such meetings shall be deemed to be one third of the total members entitled to attend and vote at Annual General Meetings.  Business at an EGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM

14) Chair and voting at General Meetings

The President, or in their absence a member selected by the management Committee shall take the Chair. Each member present shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairperson of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

15) Club Finances

A bank account shall be opened and maintained in the name of the Club (the Club Account). Designated account signatories shall be agreed by the Management Committee and shall include the Club Treasurer. No sum shall be drawn from the Club Account except by cheque signed by two of the three designated signatories. All monies payable to the Club shall be received by the Treasurer and deposited in the Club account.

The income and assets of the Club (the Club Property) shall be applied only in the furtherance of the objects of the Club. The Club can raise finance in anyway it considers fit. Proposals for the borrowing of money and the charging of any Club Property will be put before the Club in an Extraordinary Meeting or annual General meeting in order that the members can vote on any such resolution accordingly.

Andreas Latta


June 2011


Director of Football

The Director of Football will be solely responsible for the selection and de-selection of all of the club managers and will have the task of ensuring that there is a cohesive and collective coaching and training responsibility throughout the season.

The Director of Football will be required to set objectives for team managers concerning coaching and targets for match results, which are:-

a)    Realistic

b)   Achievable

c)    In harmony with the clubs mission statement

The Director of Football will ensure that all players and managers perform within the ‘Penn & Tylers Green Football Club code of conduct’ as approved by the Management Committee. The Director of Football will take appropriate action against any player and/or manager that is found guilty of misconduct whilst representing the Club, pending the discretion of the Management Committee.

The Director of Football will be responsible to the Management Committee and will report on a monthly basis throughout the playing (and training) season


Penn & Tylers Green Football Club – Welfare and Safeguarding Children Policy

  1. Penn & Tylers Green Football Club acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of every child and young person who has been entrusted to its care and is committed to working to provide a safe environment for all members. A child or young person is anyone under the age of 18 engaged in any club football activity. We subscribe to The Football Association’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures and endorse and adopt the Policy Statement contained in that document.
  1. The key principles of The FA Safeguarding Children Policy are that:

a)    The child’s welfare is, and must always be, the paramount consideration

b)   All children and young people have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation

c)    All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately

d)   Working in partnership with other organisations, children and young people and their parents or carers is essential

e)   We acknowledge that every child or young person who plays or participates in football should be able to take part in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from poor practice and abuse

Penn & Tylers Green Football Club recognises that this is the responsibility of every adult involved in our club.

  1. Penn & Tylers Green Football Club has a role to play in safeguarding the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying. It is noted and accepted that The Football Association’s Safeguarding Children Regulation (see The FA Handbook) applies to everyone in football whether in a paid or voluntary capacity. This includes those who are volunteers, match officials, helpers on club tours, football coaches, club officials or medical staff.
  1. We endorse and adopt The FA’s Safeguarding Children Guidelines for Recruiting Volunteers and will:

a)    Develop a role profile

b)   Request identification documents

c)    As a minimum, meet and chat with the applicant(s) and where possible conduct interviews before appointing

d)   Request and follow up with two references before appointing

e)   Require an FA CRB Unit Enhanced Disclosure where appropriate in line with FA guidelines.

f)     All current Penn & Tylers Green Football Club members with direct access to children and young people will be required to complete a CRB Enhanced Disclosure via The FA CRB Unit.

g)    If there are concerns regarding the appropriateness of an individual who is already involved or who has approached us to become part of Penn & Tylers Green Football Club, guidance will be sought from The Football Association. It is noted and accepted that The FA will consider the relevance and significance of the information obtained via The FA CRB Unit Enhanced Disclosure and that all decisions will be made in the best interests of children and young people.

It is accepted that The FA aims to prevent people with a history of relevant and significant offending from having contact with children or young people and the opportunity to influence policies or practice with children or young people. This is to prevent direct sexual or physical harm to children and to minimise the risk of ‘grooming’ within football.

  1. Penn & Tylers Green Football Club supports The FA’s Whistle Blowing Policy. Any adult or young person with concerns about a colleague can ‘whistle blow’ by contacting The FA Child Protection Manager on 0207 745 4912, by writing to The FA Case Manager at The Football Association, 25 Soho Square, London W1D 4FA or by going directly to the Police, Social Services or the NSPCC. Penn & Tylers Green Football Club encourages everyone to know about it and utilise it if necessary.
  1. Penn & Tylers Green Football Club has appointed a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) in line with The FA’s role profile and required completion of the Safeguarding Children Workshop. The post holder will be involved with designated persons’ training provided by The FA. The CWO is the first point of contact for all club members and parents or guardians regarding concerns for the welfare of any child or young person. They will liaise directly with the CFA CPO and will be familiar with the procedures for referring any concerns. They will also play a proactive role in increasing an awareness of poor practice and abuse amongst club members.
  1. We acknowledge and endorse The FA’s identification of bullying as a category of abuse. Bullying of any kind is not acceptable at our club. If bullying does occur, all players, parents or guardians should be able to tell and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly. Incidents need to be reported to the CWO, a member of the committee or, in cases of serious bullying, contact the CFA CPO.
  1. Codes of Conduct for Players, Parents or Spectators, Officials and Coaches have been implemented by Penn & Tylers Green Football Club. In order to validate these Codes of Conduct the club has clear sanctions to deal with any misconduct at club level and acknowledges the possibility of potential sanctions which may be implemented by leagues or the CFA in more serious circumstances. All prospective members will be informed of these Codes.
  1. Further advice on Safeguarding Children matters can be obtained from:
  • the P&TG FC Club Welfare Officer – Anton Setchell – 07779 417466
  • The County Football Association’s Child Protection Officer – David Lewis – Mob: 07825 437728
  • The Football Association/NSPCC Child Protection 24-Hour Helpline 0808 800 5000
  • The FA Child Protection Team 0207 745 4895.

Andreas Latta


June 2011