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Club Steward

After many years of service to our club, Eddie Bellamy notified the committee last year that he wished to step back from his role and work with us to recruit a new Steward for the club. We are delighted to announce that Jack Woodstock has been appointed to this position with effect from 1st January 2020.

Eddie has been working with the committee and Jack over the last six months to hand over his duties and responsibilities and to affect a smooth handover. This has now been completed and Jack will assume full responsibility for the running of the bar, the club house facilities, including the new refreshment hut, bookings and events at the club.

Jack brings a wealth of experience in bar and club management and hospitality and will continue the excellent work Eddie has done over the last few years to improve the bar appearance and performance.

Eddie will remain as a member of the committee to the end of the current financial year to offer his support. The committee would like to thank Eddie firstly for the sterling service he has given to club over many years but especially the work he has done in the last few years and he leaves the club in an excellent position.


The Committee