Berkshire County Girls Football League U15 Futsal Tournament


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Berkshire County Girls Football League U15 Futsal Tournament

Futsal Champions – Penn & Tylers Green FC U15 Girls

Under 15 Girls Futsal Champions - 2018.jpg

Penn & Tylers Green FC played extremely well as a team and their determination, hard work and effort gave them first place in the tournament. Well done girls!

On Sunday 11th February, Penn & Tylers Green FC FC U15 girls took part in the Berkshire County Girls Football League futsal tournament. The event took place in Bracknell leisure centre, based inside the sports hall. Each team could play five players at a time, and there were seven teams in total, including Penn & Tylers Green FC.


Match 1 v Wargrave 2-1

The first match took off to a great start, with Lily-Anne scoring the first goal for Penn & Tylers Green FC! Next Charlotte made some amazing saves in her shift as goal, keeping us in the game. Unfortunately, Wargrave managed to score a goal, however the girls reacted quickly to this and Becca scored the second goal for Penn & Tylers Green FC! After 12 minutes of working hard, the whistle blew and Penn had won their first game!

Match 2 v Thatcham Black 1-1

The second match was very evenly balanced, and both teams were battling hard at each end to score a goal! In goal, Lily-Anne was keeping the ball out the net, and throwing the ball long to set up lots of opportunities for Penn & Tylers Green FC to score. When the final whistle blew, it was a good result, a 1-1 draw, with a great goal from Vicky!

Match 3 v Charvil 2-0

The third match got off to a great start, with many attacking opportunities at the opposition’s goal! Charlotte scored the first goal of the match. Knowing they were 1-0 down, Charvil were battling hard to score a goal; however the defenders made sure the ball stayed away from the net. Becca, in goal, kept their shots out the net and kept the ball away from Penn’s end. Making a great attack, Molly scored a fabulous goal, and Penn & Tylers Green FC won the game with a final score of 2-0.

Match 4 v Laurel Green 2-3

The fourth match started well, with both teams making strong attacks. Becca scored the first goal, giving Penn a chance of another win. Unfortunately, Laurel Green used this to attack even harder and took more shots at goal. Molly made some great saves during her turn in keeper, but unfortunately they managed to score! Lots of opportunities took place in both ends of the pitch, but unfortunately when the final whistle blew the final score was 2-3 to Laurel Green, with Becca having scored the second goal for Penn.

Match 5 v Thatcham Amber 2-5

The fifth game started with many shots at both ends. Vicky took her shift in goal and tried her best resist the relentless attack from Thatcham Amber. However, Thatcham were taking lots of shots, and managed to score five unanswered goals. Taking us back in the game, Lily-Anne and Charlotte both scored great goals, but it wasn’t enough to win this tough game.

Match 6 v Laurel Yellow 2-0

The sixth game was important to Penn & Tylers Green FC, as we needed a strong win to gain a chance in taking part in the semi-final. Vicky took a shot and it went in the goal, gaining Penn the first goal of the game. The defenders were working very hard to stop the ball from entering our half, which gave Becca the opportunity of scoring the second goal! Lily-Anne volunteered to be in goal for this crucial match, and she managed to keep a clean sheet, giving us a huge chance of getting a place in the semi-final.

Semi Final 1-0

Qualifying for the semi-final in fourth place, Penn & Tylers Green FC had to play against Thatcham Black who were in first place after the round-robin. Charlotte took anoth any goals! When the final whistle blew, the final result was a 0-0 draw, which meant penalties…

It was Thatcham who took the first penalty. Charlotte made a terrific save, which gave Penn a chance to take the lead. Lily-Anne took our first penalty, and her powerful shot went straight in the back of the goal. Thatcham’s second penalty was well taken, putting the pressure back on Penn & Tylers Green FC. Emily stepped up to score the penalty, an amazing shot! Thatcham stepped up to take their third penalty, knowing that a miss or save would hand the tournament to Penn & Tylers Green FC. Yet another tremendous save from Charlotte led to celebrations from Penn & Tylers Green FC. Champions!