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Penn & Tyler Green 2017

Andreas Latta

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Penn & Tylers Green FC Girls and Ladies Presentation Night


What a fantastic season for the female football teams of Penn & Tylers Green FC had in 2018/2019. The enthusiasm and sporting togetherness was evident at the annual presentation evening at Penn & Tylers Green Football Club this evening.

Chairman Tony Hurt praised the achievements of the girls’ section from the beginning many, many years ago (Nigel Bowen, Vanessa Morton, Cathy Sturrock) to the present day, culminating in having a ladies team playing competitive football representing in the villages of Penn and Tylers Green for the first time ever.

As the current girls and ladies representative of the Football Club, Nigel Miller stated: “the future looks bright for the girls and ladies and the current World Cup will do us no harm”.

Thank you to all the managers and helpers from all age groups, the Panthers all the way trough to the Senior Team.

A special thank you to David Lawson, who won the prestigious Penn & Tyler Green FC “Stan Laing Club Person” of the year award, which was presented by Stan Laing’s son and granddaughter in honour of the club wide commitment for David’s work throughout the season.

In summary, it was a great evening at the club.