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Mini Run for First Team Continues

Penn & Tylers Green FC vs Abingdon Town 5:0

PTGFC vs Abingdon Town.jpg

The First Team continued their mini run with a convincing 5:0 win over an improved Abingdon Town side. It was “touch and go” if the game could actually go ahead with all that rain over the last 24 hours and with standing water on the playing surface earlier this morning but gusts of wind and a subsequent pitch inspection late morning with the match referee sorted out that problem.

An early lead after a good goal scored by Rashid Hamid playing against a very strong wind in 7th minute was just the start required. Despite the difficult surface and the blustery conditions, the home side played some entertaining football and missed a number of good opportunities with Pritpal Raju coming very close. As the saying goes: “if you do not take your chances the other team is still in a game”. After about 30 minutes Abingdon Town, with their almost entire new personnel started to gain in confidence and shaded the next 10 minutes. Our keeper Pablo Latorre and the two reliable central defenders Jamie Hunt and Joe Dulieu kept things under control at that important stage of the game.

What was needed, was another goal just before halftime; that is exactly what happened. Rashid Hamid duly delivered again, just before the referee Lennon Davis, who had a good game, blew his whistle for half time.

.PTGFC vs Abingdon Town 2.jpg

The second half saw some more rain, which was not forecast, and then a game dominated by the boys in blue & white. A number of opportunities were carved out and with a bit of “looking up” and better communication the lead should have been extended much earlier than it did. We must also mention the opposition keeper Kieran Beesley, who had an excellent game with a string of good saves. The woodwork also came to the rescue twice when first Dom Brown and then Pritpal Raju hit the bar and the upright respectively.

However, the highlight of the afternoon was the hattrick goal by Rashid Hamid in 56th minute. It was worth the entrance fee alone. A fierce volley from the outside the right-hand side of the penalty area rocketed into the left-hand corner of the goal. This was goal of the season at any level.

Hard working Kingsley Etefia and Fred Tripp got their reward with a goal each in minute 85 and 87 to top things up. This was a rewarding win in very difficult conditions. Well done the players and the management team led by Gareth Williams.

Team: P Latorre, K Etefia (1), D Brown, E Holland, J Dulieu, J Hunt, R Sweales, J Pearce (C), R Hamid (3), P Raju, M Bodie. Used Substitutes: T Stables, Tripp (1), M Clark. Substitutes not used: M Wright, M Hancock