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Top of table clash.


This was an important win on a foggy New Year’s Eve top of the table encounter between Penn & Tylers Green FC and Woodley United FC. It was top versus second. It could not get any more exciting than that. A 12:00 o’clock kick off with loads of ground hoppers announcing their attendance boosted the crowd to a respectable 107 (some people where saying it might have been 147!!!). The game itself was not a classic, there was too much at stake. It was still exiting and what mattered today were the three.

The game started off brightly with the visitors clearing the ball of their goal line after two or three minutes. That should have been the lead. Was that the omen for today? The answer is no. Chris Hurst decided to use his head (quite literally). A brilliantly taken free kick by Alex Sethi was headed in by Chris to give the home side the lead. It was deserved at this stage. Soon after that their keeper George Boughton made a brilliant safe to keep the visitors in the game.

The rest of the first half was a battle of two good teams trying to get the decisive opening which never quite materialised. As it happens so often in top of the table clashes the quality of the football is not quite there as a spectacle as too much is at stake.

The second half started to be dominated by the visitors but in front of goal there was nothing tangible with the exception of on chance when our keeper Josh Cockerill the ball against the upright. That was a let off. After 20 minutes into the second half the boys in blue & white got the upper hand again, it was just that the final decisive pass did not quite happen. Do not forget Woodley United are a good site and there is a reason why they are high up in the table.

We did manage to get one excellent shot in by Fred Tripp but the Woodley United keeper saved it well. Shortly after that we managed to get our short passing together and after an excellent move Casey Bocarro lobbed the keeper but the ball went agonisingly over the bar. That would have been it, but it was not to be. Instead we had to see game out and that we did. The defensive display today was good and on occasions the falls by the wayside. There was too much at stake today. We ground out a result today and overall it was deserved. Well done the boys and Giovani Sepede’s management team. The First Team now takes a break from the league as they face Chinnor FC in the Wycombe Senior Cup next Saturday, kick off 13:30. Important win for Penn & Tylers Green FC in top of table clash.