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Thame Rangers FC 4 - Penn & Tylers Green FC 1

Not quite there tonight

Casey Bocarro gave the boys in blue and white an early lead after 4 minutes. It all looked good. We then had a chance to make it two nil with a one-on-one on the keeper but Fred Tripp could not beat Thame's number one. In the counter attack Thame equalised and soon after that took the lead. With two one down in the second half Bradley Holland limped off injured and was replaced by Jordan Gumbs.

It was kitchen sink time and Chris Hurst and Adam Harman came on for Adam Davis and George Weller. Dean Munday had a good chance to equalise with a towering header but the ball went flying over the bar. In another counter we conceded another goal and despite never giving up it was not to be tonight. Thame scored again late in the game to make it four one. Overall they were the better side tonight and deserved to lift the cup.